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Two Ways to Increase Local SEO

Cincinnati seo

There are many ways a business can expand its online presence. Take social media. Marketers who say Facebook is critical or important to success have jumped 83 percent in the past two years. There is another way to enhance a web presence, though, and that is through Cincinnati search engine optimization. Here are a few tips businesses can take to increase their Cincinnati search engine optimization around the area.

The first tip for increasing Cincinnati search engine optimization is to have Cincinnati specific content. Reviews, site directions, and other Cincinnati specific content increase Cincinnati search engine optimization rankings within the Cincinnati area. In fact, when a Cincinnati business has location in an ad or search result, click through rates increase by 200 percent.

The second way to increase Cincinnati SEO is by going mobile. A mobile optimized website is easy for consumers to read on a site, and search engines recognize this. In fact, a mobile optimized site is the quickest way to realize SEO returns.

At least 4 billion businesses have registered on the Google Local Business Center, formerly Google Places. This indicates a hunger for SEO Cincinnati businesses need to succeed. However a business implements its Cincinnati search engine optimization plan, it should stay local and optimize its website for mobile. Find out more about this topic here.

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