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Underutilizing Internet Forums Can Be a Huge Mistake

Discussion forums free

My friend and I built our website together way back in college. It is just a short, web comic series, but since those days of living off of ramen, coffee and insomnia, the site has really taken off. We get scores of emails daily asking for free discussions forums where people can chat and post about the comic.

However, while we knew a fair amount about web design having taught ourselves, we knew nothing about online forum software or anything of that vein. In fact, we really did not even know what the benefits of having online forum software were.

So, we did some digging into what forums were online, and found that we were total fools for not having forums before.

Using online forum software, we created a platform that let our readers discuss what they liked, what they disliked, and generally helped to create a bigger buzz around our web comic and pull more readers in.

Of course, we did our research on online forum software once we knew what it was. We wanted to get simple forum software, something that we could understand, but we did not want to compromise in quality and wanted the top forum software, also.

It was definitely a struggle for us, but eventually we built free discussion forums with the online forum software for our fans, who were eternally grateful. We now get a better search engine result ranking and register thousands of more hits a day. Soon, we are going to have to upgrade our server.

What are your thoughts on online forum software? What kinds do you like and what do you like about them? Comment with your opinion, stories and experience!

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