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What Are The Best Ways To Improve Website Performance?

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Your best friend tell you about this amazing new local boutique that just opened up near your neighborhood. What is the first thing you do when you want to know more? You grab out your mobile phone and go to their website to check everything out, of course! This is what most people do; in fact, 82% of consumer will use search engine on the internet to find out more information about a local business.
It is extremely important to know how to improve website performance because this is how many consumers find out information about your company. It is also many times how customers buy product from your business. This makes optimal website performance important in growing your company and keeping your business successful.
Here are a few tips on how to improve website performance:
Be Mobile Friendly
Mobile friendly website design is very important; in fact, 61% of consumers who visit a website that is not mobile friendly are likely to become frustrated and leave the site for a competitor’s. Staying mobile friendly is extremely important in order to keep customer happy.
Most people are on the go but always have their phone. So, when a friend informs you about a company, you will want to look it up right away because your interest is at its peak. If the site is not mobile friendly, your interest will decline and you may not go back to that company’s website at all.
SEO Services
Local search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can increase website conversions greatly. 60% of internet searches consider local search results more relevant, while 58% consider the local search results to be more trustworthy. SEO marketing helps improve your website’s relevancy to users, which will result in a higher ranking for your site. This will allow your website to become one of the first website’s seen on search engine results.
Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design will help to provide an optimal web experience for you customers. It is important to include easy reading that is relevant, intriguing, and informative. This will keep your customers engaged and help add incentive to come back to your website, or to recommend it to a friend or family member.
Navigation of the website is also important. You will want to minimize residing, panning, and scrolling to make your website more user friendly and less frustrating. Customers will not return to a website that is not easily navigated or that is confusing.

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