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What Does a UPS Back up Batter Have Anything to Do With Rick Grimes?

Stationary battery installations

The last episode of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead had fans across the world reeling, as Rick’s group faces yet another setback in their walker-riddled dystopia. Not to name any names, the kindness of one OG character — you know, one of the badass ones who has managed to survive — nearly cost him or her their life.

The cold, business-like pragmatism of the violence that takes place in The Walking Dead serves as a reality that the “Golden Rule” is completely useless. Not be cliche, but they only rule the characters navigating The Walking Dead universe have to follow is there are no rules — JSS, or just survive somehow.

So what does any of that have to do with a UPS back up battery? Do you know valuable a UPS back up battery would be to Rick’s Alexandria group right now?!

Like many survivalists, Rick’s group has always been resourceful in scavenging, scrounging, and hunting for anything of value, whether it be food or gear such as UPS batteries, stationary batteries, and other prized energy storage systems.

And although the zombie apocalypse has yet to touch down IRL — in real life as they say — prudent (more like low key hopeful) doomsday preppers are follow Rick’s example by stocking up on survival essentials such as a UPS back up battery. For just a moment, consider how valuable and vital they would be in a world where power to the telecommunications industry has been lost. Yeah, “whoa” is exactly right!

Whether you secretly want the world end but are too embarrassed to actually admit it, you serious think the world will soon, or you just want to be smart about having some extra power around the house in case of an actual emergency, it doesn’t hurt to have a UPS back up batter or two, or three. Don’t you think both chemist Walter White and his take-nothin’-from-nobody alter ego Heisenberg would agree in regards to the value of energy storage batteries?

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