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What Is a C13 Power Cord Used for?

To understand what a C13 power cord looks like and to see how you can wire a locking C13 IEC power cord, check out the YouTube video below! The speaker does a great job explaining how the process of wiring works when it comes to a C13 power cord.

Video Source

So, what is a C13 power used for exactly? C13 power cords often ensure international compatibility for several different countries’ standards.

They are typically used for electronic equipment, like computers, servers, and monitors. The C13 cable is the most common, too. It is used to power monitors and standard PCs.

C13 power cord

C13 power cords are designed so that equipment can be plugged into several outlets at once. Their international design allows C13 power cords to be used throughout the world as well!

If you’re in need of C13 power cords for your business or company, seek the best cord products from a reputable supplier. If you don’t have a professional technology or electrical expert at your place of business, ensure you hire someone who can properly set up your power cords. You don’t want an improper installation job to affect your business, the outlets, and the cords or to cause an accident.

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