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What to Consider when Buying Server Racks and Enclosures

Server rack mount cabinet

Setting up an onsite server room requires you to consider a number of things, both for the success and stability of your IT solutions and for the safety of your building and workers. Considering the operating systems of your servers can give you complete control over your IT technology, while simultaneously making it easier to host a website and protect your data. The hardware you choose, from your processors to your RAM to your CPU fans, will determine the speed and reliability with which your employees and customers can utilize your servers.

While those are undoubtedly essential parts of setting up a clean room, you also need to consider the type of rack enclosures you use to house your IT technology. The wrong choice could put your employees at risk, or, on a lesser note, take up too much space, causing you to spend money needlessly on something you can’t use. You can avoid both of these problems and more by following these tips to choosing server rack shelves.

Three Things to Consider when Choosing Server Racks and Enclosures

  1. Size Requirements
  2. As Ebay writes, one of the first things you need to consider when looking at server rack enclosures is their size. You’ll need to consider both the internal dimensions of your server racks and enclosures and the exterior measurements. 19 inch server racks are a popular option for internal storage, for example. Taking server rack sizes into account, you can ensure that you don’t waste your money on an option that can neither fit in your server room or house your server components.

  3. Power Output
  4. Depending on the type of setup you’re using, your server computers will have a definite power requirement. Meeting or exceeding this requirement is crucial to the reliability of your servers, not to mention their safety. Server racks and enclosures that put out less power than your servers need can and will lead to shorted components — frankly, that will be the least of your concerns. In extreme situations, a lack of power can literally burn out your server components, one of the main causes behind server room fires. Choose an option with the right power options to protect your investment and your employees.

  5. Cost
  6. As Dell points out, the price for server racks and enclosures varies greatly by type and functionality. Blade options, for example, are known to be extremely powerful, while still being cost effective; however, many argue that blade servers take away the ability to customize server hardware after purchase. Make sure you look at the cost, but don’t neglect to take into consideration the pros and cons that come along with those costs.

Are you an IT professional? Is there anything else businesses need to consider when choosing server racks and enclosures? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Reference links.

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