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Why Most Consumers Hope for Local Results to Search Engine Searches!

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You want your bathroom remodeled. You have a plumbing problem. Your dog keeps barking and you need to find a trainer. You have symptoms and want to look for a clinic or doctor that specializes in that area. Your lawn needs mowing and you don’t have the time to do it yourself. The living room can really use a new coat of paint and you would like to find a painter to do that job for you. How about getting the carpet cleaned – you think it is about that time. Is there a local company that will clean your windows? You are in the market for a new car – you wonder if an internet search will be the best place to start.

You are looking for something and you need a local company or provider to help you! When you search the internet and are just looking for “how to” or doing research about a topic, it doesn’t matter if you get a local response. But if you know that you need help from someone or a company that is close to home, you hope that you are utilizing a local search engine optimization concept or process.

What is the typical first thing a consumer today does if he or she wants to find information about a product or service? You go to the internet and do a search. The buying process now typically starts with a search engine according to 89% of customers. If you want to purchase something that requires a local provider, you want to use a local search engine for best results. If you are doing a mobile search as you are out and about, at least half of the time, you are hoping for local results. A good local search engine will provide the best local search engine optimization. Those searches will end in a purchase about 61% of the time because you need the product or service and you are already out or on your way, it makes sense that you are actually in the market for an actual purchase!

Often the local search engine optimization will give you search engine results for simply finding out more about businesses or locations that you need. For the most part, when consumers are away from home and doing mobile searches, 56% of the time they are seeking local information such as business hours, a physical address or locations. The local search engine optimization marketing is the best producer of those search results.

Another common practice in digital marketing and digital marketing services is the use of email. You visit a local website or a local vendor and provide your email address to join a rewards program or to find out sales or other company announcements. You receive email notices on about your points or how to earn more points. You receive emails to notify you about sales or to provide coupons or incentive offers. A common local search engine optimization program includes the ability to email users to provide updates, offers and information but also to keep the name of the company or product fresh in your mind.

The local search engine optimization service provider understands that consumers relate more to an email that is relevant to their needs or their locality. An email that is relevant to the consumer relates to more revenue than broadcast emails by as much as 18%. As a consumer, you want emails that relate to your interests and needs. If emails are meaningless or your email box is deluged with massive amounts of broadcast emails, you are more likely to delete the message and unsubscribe from the emails completely.

Local search engine optimization companies and marketing experts are committed to understanding the local businesses and the local consumers. Those SEO companies have the expertise you need in their internet marketing so when you do that search and are looking for the local business or vendor to help you, you will get a meaningful, relevant and local internet response. What could be better than getting the information you need on your first click?

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