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Why You Should Hire An Online Marketing Firm


In many ways, social media has taken over the world of online advertising. There are many benefits of having a website, but many small business owners with websites are discovering that there?s more to marketing than simply putting your name on a domain and adding a few web pages here and there. That?s why so many are turning to web designer and IT consulting firms to help them build their websites and their presences on social media; it?s not simply about getting marketing tips for small business, but for knowing how to manage your web presence in a savvy ? and legal ? way.

IT Compliance: What You Need To Know

One reason why you may want to turn to a consultant before starting your website is IT compliance. IT compliance refers to the guidelines of using the Internet and in many respects online technology in general. They vary by country and in some cases even by state. When too inexperienced, it?s possible that you could breach rules of compliance without even knowing you?re doing so. Whether accidental or not, though, breaking the rules comes with hefty penalties. In general, compliance mandates like PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA require a business to track, control, and protect access to sensitive information. When making a HIPAA breach of less than 500 records, you?re risking a fine of up to $50,000.

What Makes A Social Media Presence So Important?

A strong social media presence is just as important ? and in many ways more important ? than a good web design. Websites like Facebook and Instagram are no longer simply outlets for bored teenagers. Today, it?s estimated that 93% of marketers use social media for business purposes, and 95% of small business owners consider blogging a valuable tool. These websites can have strong influences on what people buy and where they buy it from. If properly marketed, your product could gain a social media following ? and if that happens, the profits could be great, with very little monetary investment on your part.

Web Safety: Making Sure Your Site Is Secure

Another major reason why you should hire a consultant to help you build your site is security ? something that isn?t properly understood without prior experience in the field. Unfortunately, being a business with employees makes the need for security even greater. An estimated 57% of all small businesses reported cyber security breaches in recent years, and it?s been reported that 59% of all employees steal proprietary data upon quitting or being fired. It?s not simply employees that can endanger your site; with 9 out of every 1,000 computers being infected with spam, it?s clear to anyone who uses the Internet that online viruses are among the most dangerous threats to computers and websites.

Using an online marketing firm to help you build your website promises safety as well as a greater social media presence, and ultimately, more success. What do you have to lose by hiring one?

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