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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web Design

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Mobile devices are becoming the leaders when it comes to internet access, and with an estimated 56% of all Americans owning a smartphone today — a percentage which continues increasing each year, by the way — it’s essential for every business to have a modern web design that functions well on mobile devices. Here’s a brief breakdown of why mobile web page designs are so important:

  • It’s estimated that about 94% of first impressions are influenced primarily by design, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that consumers are heavily influenced to buy — or not buy — a product or service based on how the business’s website looks. It’s easy enough to make your website look great on a regular desktop or laptop, but because of the limited space on mobile devices, it’s essential that each website also has a mobile web design that will allow the page to be displayed in an organized way on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Furthermore, it’s impossible to ignore that consumers are increasingly turning to the web to shop, either to do research before purchasing something or to buy the product online. In fact, even back in 2011, $1.1 trillion worth of retail sales were influenced by the internet in some way, and as mobile apps become virtual shopping malls for nearly every type of business and industry, more consumers are finding that shopping online is just as safe and convenient — if not more so — than shopping in a physical store. For businesses, this means that your web page design is more important than ever before, and it’s being seen by a record number of potential customers.

If you aren’t really familiar with what it takes to create a great custom web design for mobile devices, don’t worry! Many digital marketing firms provide web design services which include mobile web page design, and it’s both easy and affordable to make use of these services. References.

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