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Why Your Main St Pharmacy Matters More Than You Realize

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Small, independent pharmacies play a major role in stimulating their local towns and cities, and these pharmacies seem to be slowly overcome with pressure from national chain stores, often to the point where the small pharmacies have to close their doors. This definitely isn’t good, not just for the business owners, but for patients, too.

Just why are local pharmacies so essential to their communities? There are a few good reasons — some of which might not surprise you at all, and some which you probably never thought about before!

First off, it’s important to note that there are some big differences between what you’ll encounter at a national chain pharmacy and what you’ll encounter at a local store. Yes, you’re more likely to find a bigger selection of items at a bigger store, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Beyond just the items on the shelves, you expect to have a certain level of customer service and patient care when you visit a pharmacy; in this respect, smaller stores almost always outperform their larger competitors. Instead of relying on expensive pharmacy software to remember patients, smaller stores have the opportunity to get to know their patients in person and provide better one-on-one care.

These smaller stores also tend to have more flexibility in terms of specializing in certain products or providing services to certain groups of people. As a large portion of the American population reaches age 65, these elderly customers may not feel comfortable walking through a huge store and trying to navigate the aisles alone. A small store can assist elderly patients as needed, and this is incredibly easy for stores that use mobile retail pharmacy POS systems (i.e., POS systems that operate on handheld devices instead of desktops).

Last but not least, the convenience of having a pharmacy right in town actually helps local business across the board. Not only are there more opportunities for employment, but customers visiting one store on Main Street are more likely to stop by the neighboring store to make a purchase too — this has a widespread effect and leads to a better quality of life for the entire community!

So just what does your local pharmacy do for the community? This is a great source for more. More like this.

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