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With ActiveSync Android Companies Get Protection

Activesync android

The importance of having the right ActiveSync Android solution in place may be absolutely vital to your company, especially if you have a BYOD policy, or Bring Your Own Device policy, in place for your employees. Every day, your employees may be bringing their own Android or other mobile devices to work to access corporate email servers. You need to be able to give them the level of communication and accessibility that they will need, which is where ActiveSync security policies come into the picture. With these policies, it may be possible to give your employees and your entire network the amount of protection and security that it needs without impeding the communications that your employees need to have with the server.

ActiveSync Android policies can not only ensure that your employees can communicate with the server, but it can keep those who do not have the proper privileges from doing so, even on the very same device. Microsoft Exchange is the standard when it comes to corporate email, and through Activesync android users will be able to get their mail on their own devices. With Exchange ActiveSync offers even more management tools, however, which can be used to help users regain or change passwords, lock devices, or more. The amount of security that you have on your mobile network is very important, especially if you are managing thousands of devices which could be active at any given time.

With ActiveSync Android policies in place and working properly, it will be much more feasible to provide all of those users with the amount of coverage that they will need to safely do their job, and keep any confidential information that you may have in those emails secured as well. This may be the difference between losing a great deal of money and client trust, or ensuring that your business is safe and ready to work. Make sure that you have the right ActiveSync Android policies in place by working with businesses that know and understand what it takes to manage a corporate mobile network. You may be able to get options which can help you to manage iPhones, Blackberries, and other operating systems that can access Microsoft Exchange servers as well, on top of the ActiveSync Android policies that you may already want to put into place to get the most from your security solutions.
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