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Work with a Professional to Find a Professional


Everyone knows that looking for a new job is difficult–but finding a good employee is no simple task, either. When a position within your business opens up, it can be surprisingly hard to find a candidate who both has the skills needed for the job and fits in with the company’s vibe.

Talent acquisition is a challenging task, especially for businesses that don’t have a dedicated HR department. When you and your staff are already busy with the company’s day to day work, you don’t want to take time away to review applications and interview potential hires.

This is where human resources consulting firms can help.

An HR consulting firm acts as an intermediary between you and a job candidate, ensuring that anyone who’s interested in the position has the experience and other qualifications needed to fulfill the job’s responsibilities. By working closely with you, a human resources consultant is able to narrow down a wide pool of candidates and locate the ones who are best suited for the role.

According to a recent survey by Robert Half, 36% of executives felt that one of the primary reasons a hire didn’t work out was due to poor skills match, with a second reason being unclear performance objectives. An HR consulting firm can lower the risk of both these factors by carefully matching a candidate with the relevant job opening. The consultant makes certain that both parties understand what the other can offer and thereby decreases the chance of a mismatch or misunderstanding.

Studies have shown that 57% of businesses see employee retention as an issue, whether due to voluntary or involuntary termination. Vistage, which surveyed small and midsize businesses, reported that 35% of CEOs viewed staffing as their most significant business issue. This shows that staffing is a problem throughout the business sector, in organizations of all sizes, though this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for you.

An HR consulting professional works specifically to alleviate staffing issues. If you’re looking for a new employee, it may be worth your time to speak with a local consultant and ensure that any potential hires are the perfect fit for your company, giving you the best chance at finding and retaining a strong addition to the organization.

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