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Would You Like My Business Card? Why Printed Marketing Is Still Important

Digital printing

Although it may seem to many business owners that printed advertising media are practically obsolete, business cards continue to enjoy widespread popularity. Despite a movement toward the exchange of contact information via cell phone and email, many business leaders find that business cards can still get them noticed among their peers.

The advent of sophisticated graphic printing technology has allowed for a much wider range of business card options. Some business owners take a creative approach, hoping to generate both laughter and higher rates of new customer retention. A client receives a printed card and, upon visiting the business for the first time, is able to print their name and phone number on the card and enter a drawing for products or services.

Many Realtors have also found that including their picture on business cards can be a quick way to make potential clients feel at ease during a first meeting and thereafter. Customers who can connect a name with a face may be more likely to purchase products or engage with professionals for services when they visit the website and see the Realtor’s face again.

Digital printing services can accommodate a wide range of customer preferences for business cards. Some companies host online websites where customers can plan their cards and experiment with fonts and graphics prior to a firm request for printing. Digital printing services may have varying timeframes for rush printing jobs; directly contacting the print company is recommended for clients with urgent printing needs.

More than 80% of customers say that they remember a new brand more clearly when they receive a gift or business card with a printed logo, and although online advertising has largely replaced direct mail campaigns, most businesses still print business cards and brochures. With over 25 million business cards printed daily, it is clear that this centuries-old printed medium is still a viable option for established professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

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